Classic Rally Cars (Lancia, Alfa, Audi)

These are some of the classic rally cars that we love and remember.
Lancia Stratos HF, Lancia Delta Integrale, Toyota Celica, Audi Quattro, Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo Gostolai Rally Car

Toyota Celica Rally Car Castrol
Lancia Stratos Yellow Grifone rally car

Lancia Delta Integrale, white Martini Racing, rally carAudi Quattro rally cars

Lancia Delta Integrale White with blue and red stripes

Lancia Stratos, white rally car, SantanderSubaru rally car, white, Ulga

Here is some video taken by a spectator at the San Marino Rally Legend 2011:

A summary of the event reposted from

“The original Lancia Stratos HF is, if not the, one of the most legendary rally cars of all time. Crafted in an era of notable achievements for the Italian automotive industry, the Stratos is a sad reminder of what Lancia once stood but not anymore.

Designed by the great Bertone, it was based on Ferrari mechanics using a modified version of the Dino’s 2.4-liter V6. The Stratos was an extremely successful racing car winning three consecutive World Rally Championships in 1974, 1975, and 1976.

Many of the approximately 500 units of the Stratos that were built remain today with 14 of them making a special appearance at the recent 2011 Rally Legend Event in San Marino, where they were filmed by Youtube user Marchettino. Enjoy some great sounds in the video that follows below. “

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