GoPro Alternative – Drift Innovations HD170 – LCD Screen !

So you have seen your friend’s GoPro videos and thought, that’s really neat !

Then you saw him or her puzzle over how to operate it, guess that it was aimed in the right direction and level, and talk about buying some attachment so they could put it on a regular cameras crew mount.

Well, here is an excellent alternative.  I have one myself.  The Drift Innovation HD170 1080p video camera.

Here is what it has that the GoPro doesn’t:

-Wireless remote control to start/stop recording

-Rotating lens, so you can mount camera upside down or sideways, and just twist the lens to level the video

-Color LCD screen so you can line up your camera and level it correctly BEFORE you even hit record

-Uses a regular camera tripod mount screw on the bottom, so you can use a normal tripod !

It’s also a heck of a lot cheaper now than it was when I bought it a few months ago:


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