Maserati Gran Turismo

2008 Maserati Gran Turismo, black, left front view
I’ve been driving past Mercedes Benz of Buffalo about once per week lately because it’s been interesting. Two weeks ago they had a orange Lotus Exige and a dark red Aston Martin

V8 Vantage. (The Lotus was stickered at $65k and had 1500 miles on the odometer, in case this is significant to anyone). Last week they had a yellow Ferrari F430 coupe (not the sedan or wagon, lol). I actually got to hear it run as the lot worker struggled to back it up a slight ramp from the parking lot into the showroom… this took several attempts because it had paddle shifters. I understand that driving one of these cars in reverse in a controlled fashion is no small feat.

Anyways, back on topic. So, this week they have a black Maserati Gran Turismo. I would consider this very rare, because even though Ferraris are more well known by the average person and some are more expensive, I think this is the first Maserati I have ever seen. Strangely, a few days later I went back to take some better pictures and I saw a white one waiting at a traffic light at the intersection near the dealership. So there are two that I have seen, ever; not counting on BBC’s Top Gear television series or the XBox 360 racing games Forza Motorsport, Need for Speed and Project Gotham Racing.

It looks amazing, and I imagine that it sounds equally as good. But most imporantly, it’s rare and exotic, and that’s all that most people probably care about ;D

2008 Maserati Gran Turismo, black, front grill and badge

2008 Maserati Gran Turismo, black, left rear side view

2008 Maserati Gran Turismo, black, right rear side view

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