Toyota FT-86 Leaked ??

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Toyota FT-86 leaked in Modellista parts catalog?

Toyota FT-86 Modellista catalog leak

By Noah Joseph RSS feed

Posted Oct 27th 2011 9:58AM

Is this the final production version of the Toyota FT-86? Well, very likely, yes and no. What you’re looking at is a scan from a catalog ostensibly leaked from Toyota‘s Modellista parts division that’s making its rounds of the intertubes this fine morning.

Of course, we haven’t get anyone at Toyota to verify the leak yet (we’re working on it), so it could turn out to be a ruse. But assuming it’s real, it almost raises more questions than it answers.

For one thing, earlier reports suggested that the production model (to be sold here as the Scion FR-S) would look significantly different from the concept cars that have appeared to date. And this one looks pretty spot-on.

For our part, we appreciated the show car’s cleaner lines without all the pseudo-aftermarket bolt-ons pictured here, so we’ll have to wait another few weeks to see the factory model at the Tokyo Motor Show before we cast final judgement.


Additionally, here is a thread on
which is cited as the source for this article. has an official web page dedicated to their concept (that we have all seen by now).
If you would like to check it out, here is the link.

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