Carhenge – Yours for $300,000 USD

Autoblog reports that this magnificent edifice in Nebraska can be yours for $300,000 USD.

Here is a repost:

Nebraska’s Carhenge, an art installation built in 1987 by Jim Reinders, is up for sale. A 38-car tribute to the druid monument in England, Reinders built the automotive megalith on a farm once owned by his father on the outskirts of Alliance, Nebraska.

Not to be confused with the Cadillac Ranch in Texas, the site is owned and operated by the non-profit group, Friends of Carhenge, and it attracts some 80,000 visitors a year. Trouble is, the site doesn’t charge admission and Friends of Carhenge is in debt, having taken out loans to maintain the structure.

The organization hopes to find a buyer who can fund amenities like a campground and go kart track on the property, which would give visitors reason to pay admission. Check out the Friends of Carhengewebsite for additional information.

News Source: Fox News via Friends of Carhenge

Image Credit: Friends of Carhenge

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